Inside Scientology

Inside Scientology, a two-hour special for A&E Network, focuses special attention on the church’s contentious relationship with the media and the organization’s unusual policy of relentlessly attacking its critics. Journalists interviewed in the film recount their stories of trying to investigate the church, and experiencing the allegedly defunct “Fair Game” policy, which church administrators say gives members carte blanche to investigate and harass all those who examine the organization. The Church’s normally reclusive leader, David Miscavige – who prior to this film had not sat for an interview in 7 years – also makes an appearance, claiming that Scientology’s more draconian policies have been done away with and the church is now focused on the dissemination of the organization’s message, not muzzling its critics. The result is an explosive and informative dialogue between Scientology and its critics, a revealing look at an organization that remains an enduring subject of fascination and controversy.

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