Untitled Nathan Carman Documentary for Netflix

  • Director: Yon Motskin (Encounters)
  • Producers: Mary-Jane Mitchell, Yon Motskin
  • Executive Producers: Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Love Fraud, Academy Award-nominated Jesus Camp), Helen Estabrook, Sarah Amos  and Andrew Whitney (Black Twitter: A People’s History, The Secrets of Hillsong) for WIRED Studios
  • Additional Creative Team: BAFTA-winning DP Tim Cragg (The Deepest Breath, Beckham), Emmy-winning editor Davis Coombe (The Social Dilemma, Casting JonBenet). 
  • Logline: The twisty documentary explores the mysteries surrounding Nathan Carman, a young man who, after a fishing trip with his mother Linda off the coast of New England, survives a week on a life raft while she is lost at sea. The sensational incident renews interest in the unsolved murder of Carman’s wealthy grandfather years earlier, spurring a media frenzy, a war over a vast family fortune, multiple investigations and ultimately federal charges against Carman for murder on the high seas. With unprecedented access to family, friends and investigators, the film is a nautical thriller that explores intimate human mysteries about family, greed, perception, mental health and the unpredictable mind of an enigmatic young man.

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