There is a vibrant youth culture developing on the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia has one of the youngest populations on earth. Approximately 60% of it citizens are under the age of 21. The country's young people are a creative and rebellious group, that are curious about the world around them and hungry for change.

This special for MTV Networks will introduce young Americans for the first time to the youth of the Kingdom that have hopes and dreams not unlike like their own--yet face unimaginable challenges just to express themselves.

The subjects include a rock band who encounters enormous obstacles to just play live, a unique young woman who questions Saudi society's insistence that women wear black abaya robe, a political activist who openly speaks out for democratic change and a hopeless romantic who just wants to find true love...but is forbidden from trying.

The film will be an authentic look at the young men and women in Saudi Arabia. Through their honest and passionate portraits we will live their dreams and experience the formidable hurdles to change a country steeped deeply in strict Islamic beliefs and ancient traditions.